What does it mean to be a world citizen? -Student Submission

I am a world citizen, someone who has a bigger perspective of where they come from. Not only coming from just a country or state but also coming from a world of different people, cultures, and religions. Someone who would take their time to get to know the world and discover the true meaning of life. 
I am a world citizen, Surrounded by people of all colors. Populations big and small. And very unique people. Although we might speak different languages such as Spanish and English or we might believe in different things such as Jesus and Allah We are all still human and alike in many ways. We all care and love our family and have a place in this world. 
I am a world citizen, Someone who notices global issues such as Poverty, Racism, and gender discrimination and want to find solutions. Someone who knows the value of people and understands everyone is different. People are entitled to be different from each other. And accepts the fact that everyone is different. You should Respect anybody no matter how different they are or what they believe.
And that's my definition of a world citizen. Someone who connects with the world and the people in the world And understands we all are different and we come from different backgrounds, experiences, thoughts, and history and that's most likely going to make us produce different results.
Written & Submitted By Debra Ward