Thank You from NMA's Executive Director

Nyob Zoo, Hello:
I want to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors, stakeholders, and search committee for conducting a very extensive Executive Director search and for your confidence in me in leading New Millennium Academy (NMA).  We share a common vision of creating global leaders, and I am committed to working with all of you to see this vision come to fruition.  I will lead this school with a strategic mindset, integrity, and passion to enhance the academic experiences of all those impacted by our mission and vision. 
Just imagine yourself in a community where NMA students are academically excelling and making an impact on a national and global platform.  Staff have the tools and resources to do their work; parents and families are academically engaged; scholars are now challenging the minds of our staff and the community is awarding NMA for closing the achievement gap.  This is my expectation for NMA in the next 3-5 years!   This is attainable by my commitment to all of you as follows:
·        Ensuring there is an equitable and just school environment by ensuring that our staff reflects the diverse demographics of our scholars and that our academic programs challenge the minds of our scholars as if they were in high performing and privileged districts;
·        Building a positive and engaging social and emotional learning environment that also embraces pluralism and multiculturalism;
·        Continuing to embrace Hmong language and increasing our enrichment programs to retain the Hmong culture;
·        Cultivating leaders and holding space for growth by investing in the development and talents of all staff and guaranteeing they have the resources to do their job well;
·        Engaging parents and families in the learning space.  As immigrants and refugees, many parents' first exposure to a formal education is at NMA.  It is my responsibility to provide our parents and families tools and resources so they, too, can support their scholars at home;
·        Increasing the organizational budget via grassroot fundraising and grant writing; and
·        Exposing our school community to global leadership
As I step into this role in partnership with all of you, I am reminded of my success story, particularly of how my parents crossed through war-torn jungles and rivers to get a piece of the American dream, while seeking life and refuge.  I am a product of their history and trauma, and I am a token of their dream.  I am empowered because of their love and support.  As I reflect on my successful journey to becoming one of the first gay Hmong Executive Director of a Hmong mainstream institution, it was because of the support system of my parents and family.  Therefore, it is extremely important to me to lead NMA in the same way that my parents have impacted me all 39 years of my life!  I am committed to empowering all of us to share our stories, supporting us in our work and engagement, and finding resources to build our capacity so we can elevate the stories and voices of our entire NMA community.   
I look forward to writing and sharing our stories!
Thank you.
Kevin Xiong, MA
Executive Director