Testing Calendar

New Millennium Academy tracks progress for students by testing as required by the State of Minnesota in Reading, Math and Science. Please review the dates on this file and support your child during the testing windows listed. Grade levels are given for each testing group and more specific scheduling information will be posted as it is developed throughout the year. Students who are absent during any testing window will test when they return to school according to the statewide testing guidelines. 
See Testing Dates Below or Download by clicking the file at the bottom of the page.

New Millennium Academy 19-20 Test Dates

FastBridge Screening

  • Fall Screening – August 27th thru September 6th
  • Winter Screening (1st thru 8th) – December 17th thru December 20th
  • KG Winter Screening – January 6th thru January 17th
  • Spring Screening (3rd – 8th) – March 23rd thru March 26th
  • Spring Screening (KG thru 2nd) – May 12th thru May 15th



  • Fall MAP Science – September 19th thru September 20th
  • Winter MAP Science – January 22nd thru January 23rd
  • Spring MAP Science – May 19th thru May 20th



  • WIDA Screener – September 3rd thru September 11th
  • ACCESS Testing – January 28th thru March 13th
    • Listening & Reading – January 28th thru January 31st
    • Speaking – February 18th thru February 28th
    • Writing – March 10th thru March 11th


  • MCA/MTAS Reading – April 14th thru April 17th
  • MCA/MTAS Math – April 28th thru May 1st
  • MCA/MTAS Science – May 6th thru May 8th


ANet Interim Assessments

  • Fall ANet – October 14th thru October 15th
  • Winter ANet – January 8th thru January 9th
  • Spring ANet – March 2nd thru March 3rd
  • Summer/End of Year ANet – May 21st thru May 22nd

BAS Testing

  • Fall BAS – August 27th thru September 20th
  • Middle School BAS – April 21st thru April 24th
  • Spring BAS – May 1st thru May 29th